posted on: Thursday, 14 February 2013

nope, that's not a comment on a youtube video/instagram picture; i'm referring to the first flowers of the year.
i'm a complete girl when it comes to flowers. daffodils and tulips are my favourite (slightly weird that they're my parents favourite flowers?) and i think one of the cutest things a man could do is spontaneously buy his lovely lady flowers. swoon. 
anyway, the first two bunches of flowers in 2013 have died. they lived a long (not really) and colourful life and it just makes me so excited for spring and lambs and the light. seriously, guys. light is one of the greatest things ever.

happy thursday, everyone! 


  1. I love flowers.. Lilys & Orchids are fond favourites of mine. Love your blog too.. x

    1. thanks kerry! :) i love lilys but can't have them in the house as i have awful hayfever!! orchids are so pretty - good choice