drying flowers.

posted on: Wednesday, 20 February 2013

i've always been interested in drying and pressing flowers for many years. i even attempted to press a rose when i was much younger. not too long ago, i came across this book on my mum's bookshelf and knew that once spring came around, i would try drying some flowers. 
i currently have the white flower pressing in between pages of the book and the tulip and daffodil drying in the airing cupboard upstairs. 
if i don't forget about them, i will share my results with you. 

have you ever dried flowers? i'd love to hear some tips and tricks! 

p.s i also tried blood orange sanpellegrino for the first time and wowee it is beautiful - if you come across it, try it. 


  1. Just found your blog,and I'm really glad I did,I love your photos! x

    1. thankyou, jessie! glad you like it :)

      have a lovely week