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posted on: Friday, 30 November 2012

it's crazy really, how fast life can change. towards the end of october, i really hit a down point; i hated my job, i was spending 99% of my time alone inside, and all my hopes for the future seemed to be dwindling away.

fast forward to today, and my outlook could really not be any different. on wednesday, i went on a course that teaches you how to apply for jobs and write a excellent cv - yes, i too thought it would be a huge waste of time and i wasn't exactly raring to go at half seven on wednesday morning - but alas, i was proved wrong, and i found the course incredibly helpful and learned so many things you wouldn't even think about when applying for jobs (did you know 30% of people get jobs by phoning up companies personally and asking for jobs that aren't advertised?). something as simple as a day long course made me realise that i didn't have to be unhappy - i have heard countless people say 'only do what you love', yet have never heard them explain how to do that, apart from 'work hard' - and that there were so many opportunities and supportive organisations that can help you and open the gate to new paths that didn't involve working in retail.

yesterday really was the day that made my future look brighter; i attended an apprenticeship fair - basically a room full of companies that offer apprenticeships and you go and sign up for any you're interested in - which, if i'm honest, was 99% 'admin, childcare, hospitality' focused. but, there was one stand, for the local community college, that had a plethora of apprenticeships advertised. so, over i went, introduced myself, and when the - very nice - lady asked what i was interested in, i said i wasn't sure of what was out there.
after discussing my interests, she told me about 'social media apprenticeships'. yep, you read right, social media. perfect or what? (pretty sure anyone who has a blog would be interest in that line of work). i gave her my contact details and later on received a phone call from her. not only were her thoughts of me flattering; "i thought you presented yourself very well", "the closing date is tomorrow but i think you'd be great for it", but she was incredibly helpful, she told me to sign up to a website that was basically the main hub of apprenticeships, and she told me of an upcoming apprenticeship that she thought i should apply for.

back in february, i applied for a place on a btec photography course, but it was already full and this is why i'm in such an uncertain position this year. i decided to reapply for next year, not being deterred by it, and after two phone calls to the college to ask where my letter was, i got home today to find a white envelope addressed to me from the college with an invitation for an interview. hopefully, due to the fact i have all the entry requirements for the course, i will get an unconditional offer for next september - good vibes would be appreciated! - and then i can stop worrying about making somewhat huge life decisions for two more years.
the main thing i'm focusing on now, is the fact i know i can get support if i need it and where to get it from. there is always something out there to better yourself and something you can do to get you on the career path you want to be on.

it may be a big bad world, but i'm just going to surround myself with the genuine, caring people and stay blissfully unaware of the negative nancy's and neil's of the world.

what is your outlook on life; negative nancy or positive polly? how did you get into the career (/path) you're currently on?


p.s if you have any questions you'd like to ask me about anything i talked about (the support you can get/any tips i've learned from the course i went on) and you'd rather not leave it in the comments, please don't be shy, drop me an email: and i'll be sure to get back to you! 

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  1. I'm a positive Polly 80% of the time ;)

    I love your blog Anna! What a refreshing read. I read so many beauty and fashion blogs but I truely prefer to read lifestyle blogs. The About Me Page is my first go to of any blog.

    Wendy Xoxo

    1. thanks, wendy :) i love 'about me' pages too, really is the way to get a 'first impression' of the person/people behind a blog.

      i don't think there's anyone who is 100% positive or negative; everyone has their off days!