twenty fourteen on a clipboard // april.

posted on: Friday, 9 May 2014

it seems very strange posting on this blog now. i don't know why, and i'm not going to apologise for it. nor am i going to make promises to blog three times a week or even three times a month. the one place i doubt i will ever stop posting on is instagram. if you're remotely interested in my life/photography, then head on over there. i also have a photography blog now, considering i'm studying the thing. 

anyway, april was pretty good, i went to wales for the day with a couple of friends & i took some polaroids. i also went to see 'let it be' which was actually really good. it was basically a beatles tribute band but they were pretty good. 
april was also easter, probably my favourite religious holiday, you know, celebrating jesus and having eternal life and all that. nbd

may has already been a pretty great month for me, i hope that now we're heading into summer (ha) that i will finally get into the swing of 2014. 


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